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Join or propose a project: post or link to your bio, a sample of your work and state the type of collaboration you propose or seek for a new multimedia project on the comment section below.  Be sure to invite responses.


  1. Peter Fulton I'm a poet looking for others to work with making ebooks along the lines of "flying stones" on this site. My bio can be found in the back of "flying stones". I also wrote a long verse drama called "How to Carve an Angel" accompanied by a CD with talented musicians Charles Curl, Alexander Romanul, Kelly Durbin and Gerald Wheeler. This poem was translated into Russian by Tatiana Baeva and read in Russian by Mikhail Khazin. I am currently looking for a composer to provide a score for my verse drama entitled "waking dolphins" and my novella "Silicon in Sand". I also need a painter, videographer, photographer, dancer, theatre producer and others who might be interested in collaborating. These projects are a labor of love. New and emerging artists are welcome.

  2. I am a photographer / blogger / technology troubleshooter and jack of all trades. One of the things I really love to do is photograph bridges. I find them rich in art, majestic in strength, and graceful in beauty. These attributes can be found in simple of bridges to the larger complex architectural designs.

    Bridges are more than just a way to connect two points. They are an opportunity for architects and engineers to collaborate on a beautiful structure that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    I think about all we are allowed to do with them and all that we would not be able to do without them. Some of them take us over water, walkers, traffic, and even homes. Where ever I go I look for bridges and wonder why it is there. The answer sometimes is simple but sometimes it is not as obvious.

    Perhaps there is a bridge you might cross frequently that has some significance to it? I am looking to collaborate with artists, writers, narrators, and videographers on an ebook. My profile can be find in the links below. you also can find a link below to an album of some of my bridge photographs…

    Google Plus Profile
    Bridges Photo Album
    Bridges on my blog CrazyasaCoolFox

  3. Doug, bridges also intrigue me. As a poet, I wonder: What does it mean to "cross" a bridge? What is a "double cross"? What is "crossing over"? What happens when the water that uses the bridge to pass over the road? I look forward to seeing your bridges "in action" or in a state of "inaction". I would like to hear what you might need for music, words etc.


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